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Grub control from TruGreen®

Early grub control is key to preventing major damage to your lawn. If you suspect a grub infestation, it’s important to take action before feeding becomes severe. White grubs, also referred to as grub worms, are the larvae of certain beetles, such as June beetles, Japanese beetles or European chafers. They are white or cream-coloured and have plump, fleshy, C-shaped bodies with brown or tan heads and six spiny legs. These grubs burrow into the soil to feed on grass roots. This causes destruction of the roots, leading to brown, wilted turf. A severe infestation can attract animals like raccoons and skunks; these animals will pull back the turf to feed on grubs, leading to even more lawn damage.

One initial symptom of a grub infestation is grass that wilts easily despite watering. If you’re noticing excessive wilting or turf that is soft or spongy to walk on, you may want to seek the advice of a lawn care specialist in order to determine the best plan of action. Rest assured the specialists at TruGreen are trained to identify the early signs of infestation and stop grubs in their tracks before they cause costly and unsightly damage to your lawn. Our timely, effective and all-natural treatment fights grubs at the root zone, where they live and feed.


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  • TruHealth includes Weed ControlWeed Control
  • TruHealth includes FertilizationFertilization
  • TruHealth includes Tailored Lawn TreatmentTailored Lawn Treatment
  • TruHealth does not includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding
  • TruHealth does not includes Trees & Shrub CareTrees & Shrub Care
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All the essentials and more for a healthy, lush, green lawn

  • TruComplete includes Weed ControlWeed Control
  • TruComplete includes FertilizationFertilization
  • TruComplete includes Tailored Lawn TreatmentTailored Lawn Treatment
  • TruComplete includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding
  • TruComplete does not includes Trees & Shrub CareTrees & Shrub Care

Everything you need for healthy and vibrant turf, trees & shrubs

  • TruSignature includes Weed ControlWeed Control
  • TruSignature includes FertilizationFertilization
  • TruSignature includes Tailored Lawn TreatmentTailored Lawn Treatment
  • TruSignature includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding
  • TruSignature includes Trees & Shrub CareTrees & Shrub Care

All the essentials and more for a healthy, lush, green lawn

Weed Control
Tailored Lawn Treatment
Aeration Overseeding
Trees & Shrub Care

Why choose TruGreen?

Backed by more than 35 years of experience, TruGreen knows lawns inside and out. But what really makes us a leader among Canadian lawn care service companies is our tailored approach. Taking into account a number of variables, including climate, region and season, we design our services around your lawn’s exact needs in order to produce the right results at the right time. All of our lawn care specialists are trained and certified to deliver superior results throughout the year. On top of that, our work is backed by the TruGreen® Healthy Lawn Guarantee® to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you’re not happy with our service, we’ll gladly return to your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments — or we’ll refund the amount of your last service.*

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Lawn care tips for preventing and controlling grub damage:

  • Treat: Using grub-control products properly and at the right time can be an extremely effective method for keeping pesky larvae from damaging your lawn. Enlist a TruGreen specialist for a professional and all-natural application. 
  • Fertilize: A healthy, nutrient-rich lawn can better tolerate grub feeding.
  • Grow: Consider overseeding in spring or fall, as thick lawns discourage grubs and adult beetles.
  • Water: Deep, infrequent watering encourages deep-rooted, thick turf.
  • Maintain: Regular maintenance helps keep your lawn strong and more resistant to damage. Contact TruGreen today to find out how our Healthy Lawn Analysis℠ can pinpoint your lawn’s specific needs.

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Benefits of grub control from TruGreen:
  • All-natural treatment
  • Fights grubs at the root zone, where they live and feed
  • Minimizes costly lawn damage
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