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Lawn aeration from TruGreen®

Lawn aeration is a relatively easy part of landscape maintenance, but you can enhance its effects by enlisting the agronomic experts at your local TruGreen. Using our own science-based approach and specially designed equipment, our core aeration process removes 1 to 2-inch cores from your lawn's surface in order to improve airflow, promote nutrient absorption and enable natural irrigation. The result? Ideal conditions for your lawn to thrive.

You can also combine our lawn aeration service with overseeding. Your TruGreen specialist will apply our custom-blended seed, which is developed to encourage lawn thickening when combined with core aeration. Our overseeding blend and core aeration is a powerful combination because an aerated lawn captures more nutrients, water and air for the new seeds to flourish — and helps break down excessive thatch, a layer of organic matter at the soil surface that plays host to unwanted insects, weeds and even diseases. The difference is dramatic, and before you know it you’ll be enjoying a thicker, greener, healthier turf. See what lawn aeration and other landscape-enhancing solutions can do for your landscape: call us today or complete the form to request a free quote.


This product is a must for any homeowner. It includes our custom blended fertilizer and targeted weed control.

  • TruMaintenance includes Weed ControlWeed Control
  • TruMaintenance includes FertilizationFertilization
  • TruMaintenance includes Tailored Lawn TreatmentTailored Lawn Treatment
  • TruMaintenance does not includes Surface Insect ControlSurface Insect Control
  • TruMaintenance does not includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding
Best value

In addition to fertilization and weed control, you get surface insect control for even more protection and better results.

  • TruHealth includes Weed ControlWeed Control
  • TruHealth includes FertilizationFertilization
  • TruHealth includes Tailored Lawn TreatmentTailored Lawn Treatment
  • TruHealth includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding
  • TruHealth does not includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding

For the healthiest lawn possible. Includes weed and feed, surface insect control, overseeding and core aeration.

  • TruComplete includes Weed ControlWeed Control
  • TruComplete includes FertilizationFertilization
  • TruComplete includes Tailored Lawn TreatmentTailored Lawn Treatment
  • TruComplete includes Surface Insect ControlSurface Insect Control
  • TruComplete includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding

In addition to fertilization and weed control, you get surface insect control for even more protection and better results.

Weed Control
Tailored Lawn Treatment
Aeration Overseeding
Aeration Overseeding

We've got lawn care down to a science

In isolation, lawn aeration is a prudent step to help your landscape thrive, but the benefits are multiplied when it's part of an ongoing lawn care program. That's because we tailor our plans to your specific needs, scheduling the best times to weed, fertilize, aerate, overseed and undertake pest control. It's all backed by our Healthy Lawn Guarantee℠, so you can rest easy knowing that your lawn will add beauty to your home — and value to your property — when it's in the hands of your local TruGreen specialists.

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Lawn aeration at a glance:

  • The healthiest, most vibrant lawns are usually the result of a proactive maintenance schedule, including mowing, weeding, fertilization and irrigation. Failing to aerate can negate many of these steps as grass roots struggle to absorb the water and nutrients they need. It won't be long before your entire landscape is far more susceptible to weeds, disease and invasive insects.
  • It's easy to tell if your turf needs aeration: simply cut out a six-inch cross-section and see how far the grass roots extend. If it's only an inch or two, it may be time to aerate. Timing is also important: it's generally considered that early summer and early autumn are the best times to carry out aeration because that's when your lawn is growing fastest.
  • There are two types of equipment for this job: plug aerators and spike aerators. Spike aerators can cause the soil to become more compacted than it already is, so we use custom-designed plug aerators that remove 1 to 2-inch cores. These cores are left on the lawn to decompose into nutrients, and the holes stay open longer, allowing more air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots.

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The TruGreen Healthy Lawn Analysis® is your first step towards the lawn of your dreams. It includes:
  • Evaluation of your lawn's condition
  • Identification of harmful species, pests, diseases or other threats
  • Customized plan of action — including optional services like lawn aeration — to achieve a healthy lawn
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TruGreen approach to lawn care

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