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Tree and shrub care from TruGreen®

Lawns are often the focal point of landscape maintenance routines, but tree and shrub care is also important — especially when you consider that trees and shrubs play an important role in your landscape’s appeal, and can represent a significant investment in time, money and effort. That's why it's smart to enlist the trained professionals at your local TruGreen, who understand exactly how to keep your foliage healthy, handsome and more resilient in fighting off troublesome pests and diseases.

In fact, your TruExpert℠ Tree & Shrub Specialist knows how your trees and shrubs cope with the local climate, which problems they're most prone to and how take a science-based approach to achieve the right balance. The end result is a tailored plan that accounts for every factor and maps out a plan of care that includes root zone nourishment, pruning guidelines, preventative measures for winter and more. From the deepest roots to the tallest treetops, your landscape is in safe hands with TruGreen. Fill out the form to request a free quote or call us today to get started.

TruMaintenanceSM This program provides maintenance-level fertility and guaranteed broadleaf weed control utilizing our Weed Intervention® process.
TruCompleteSM Our most comprehensive program. Enjoy all the benefits of TruHealth, plus annual aeration and overseeding.
The expertise and experience your landscape needs

Your green space is more than a lawn and some foliage: it's your own private retreat, a reflection of your personality and a huge contributor to the beauty — and value — of your home. When you turn to the certified experts at your local TruGreen for tree and shrub care, you can expect an in-depth assessment, tailored maintenance services and outstanding results throughout the seasons. After all, we have more than 35 years of firsthand experience, so we know exactly how to bring the best out of any yard — but it's our science-based approach that makes us Canada's true leader in professional landscape care.

Local tree and shrub service gallery
  • TruGreen certified tree and shrub expert analyzing shrub health.
  • TruGreen specialist inspects the leaf health on a customer's trees.
  • TruGreen experts will assess the health of you shrubs and customize treatment.
  • Customer admiring their healthy green shrubs maintained by TruGreen.

You can choose which components of our tree and shrub care service are most appropriate for your needs, including:
  • Spring Dormant Oil Application: A targeted application of horticultural oil that helps to limit harmful insect populations before any significant damage occurs. 
  • Spring Root Fertilization: We apply essential nutrients to the root zone, which encourages vigorous growth to ensure plants recover from winter hardships and are prepared to thrive throughout the summer.
  • Spring Natural Insect Control: As young foliage emerges and develops, we control insects to mitigate early season damage.
  • Early Summer Natural Insect Control: Specific measures are taken against aphids, lace bugs, mites, scale and other pests that are likely to run rampant if left unchecked.
  • Summer Natural Insect Control: Targeted measures against late-occurring insects, as well as added protection against other potentially damaging insects.
  • Fall Root Fertilization: We supply vital nutrients to trees and shrubs to help them develop roots and store food for the winter months ahead.
*Based on Canada market survey of professional lawn care companies. 2016, NorthStar Partners Canada Share Tracker.
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What makes tree and shrub maintenance so important?
  • Treatments can help keep pests at bay
  • Ensures balanced nutrients, enabling greater retention of colour, strength and beauty
  • Stimulates growth in certain species
  • Maintains root and soil health
Our Healthy Tree Guarantee

TruGreen will gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visit to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfation

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