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Weed control from TruGreen®

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, weed control isn't only one of the most important steps — it's also one of the most challenging. In fact, keeping your landscape free from invasive weeds is a job that demands regular check-ups, physical effort and first-hand knowledge of the best methods to use.

That's where the specialists at TruGreen can help. We tailor our science-based solutions to your specific needs — taking into account climate, region and season — in order to more effectively target unwanted species, prevent them from returning and help your landscape flourish year-round. In other words, you can say goodbye to weekends spent weeding when you leave your landscape in the care of our agronomic experts. Fill out the form to get a free quote or call us today to learn more.


This product is a must for any homeowner. It includes our custom blended fertilizer and targeted weed control.

  • TruMaintenance includes Weed ControlWeed Control
  • TruMaintenance includes FertilizationFertilization
  • TruMaintenance includes Tailored Lawn TreatmentTailored Lawn Treatment
  • TruMaintenance does not includes Surface Insect ControlSurface Insect Control
  • TruMaintenance does not includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding
Best value

In addition to fertilization and weed control, you get surface insect control for even more protection and better results.

  • TruHealth includes Weed ControlWeed Control
  • TruHealth includes FertilizationFertilization
  • TruHealth includes Tailored Lawn TreatmentTailored Lawn Treatment
  • TruHealth includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding
  • TruHealth does not includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding

For the healthiest lawn possible. Includes weed and feed, surface insect control, overseeding and core aeration.

  • TruComplete includes Weed ControlWeed Control
  • TruComplete includes FertilizationFertilization
  • TruComplete includes Tailored Lawn TreatmentTailored Lawn Treatment
  • TruComplete includes Surface Insect ControlSurface Insect Control
  • TruComplete includes Aeration OverseedingAeration Overseeding

In addition to fertilization and weed control, you get surface insect control for even more protection and better results.

Weed Control
Tailored Lawn Treatment
Aeration Overseeding
Aeration Overseeding

Put an end to unwanted weeds

All gardeners know that pulling weeds can be satisfying at first, but it's also a chore that quickly loses its charm — especially when other landscaping tasks are competing for your attention. In addition, weed control isn't simply a matter of yanking unwanted invaders: it's an ongoing process that demands a variety of different tools, tactics and techniques, because no single control product or method will work against all weeds. Nobody understands that better than the trained experts at your local TruGreen; we know how to eliminate undesirable species from your landscape and transform it into the lawn you've always wanted.

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Knowledge is power in the battle against weeds, so here are our tips for a weed-free landscape:

  • More mulch: Mulch is a gardener's best friend. It doesn't only insulate soil from the sun and reduce the need for watering: it also deprives weeds of the light they need to grow. In fact, it's thought that a few centimetres of mulch over your flowerbeds, perennials and borders can cut your weeding requirements by up to 90 percent — as long as you remember to weed before the mulch is laid. Your lawn can also benefit from the use of a mulching mower, which returns cut grass to the root zone, creating an insulating layer full of nitrogen.
  • Timing is everything: Weeds are that much easier to control when they're young, which makes May-June the ideal time to take action. Hoe, cut or pull them before they have the chance to flower and reproduce. 
  • Less is more: Our experts understand that a light touch is sometimes the most effective — and that only weed seeds in the top layer of your garden are ever likely to get enough light to germinate. As such, it's important to avoid excessive digging and tilling that might reveal seeds that would otherwise never have grown.
  • Boil the kettle: You can afford to be a little more aggressive away from your green spaces. If weeds are making their way through cracks in your patio or driveway — and there are no valuable plants nearby — simply douse them with a little boiling water. It's an effective, non-toxic way to fight back against both annual and perennial invaders.
  • Play to your lawn's strengths: Many weed species have shallow roots, which means they thrive when subjected to frequent, light watering. Try watering your lawn more thoroughly but less often.
  • Call in the Experts: If you decide that weed control takes up too much time and energy — or if you simply want your lawn, shrubs and trees to look their best all year round — it's time to talk to the experts at your local TruGreen.

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